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Having good nutrition is the key for a healthy pet. While you make sure to monitor your own health, giving your body and mind the healthiest ingredients, from the cleanest fruits and veggies to organic meats we ask you:

When it comes to your pet’s food, what are you feeding them?


Industrialized dog food can sometimes hurt your pet more than help them since it tends to be not the healthier choice for your furry ones.

Some say that industrialized dog food may contain ingredients that your animal was never meant to eat including parts of animals normally discarded, chemicals and preservatives which can cause liver and kidney damage in the long term.

At Mama's Pet Food we cook using only
NATURAL INGREDIENTS and everything is 

We use natural ingredients with no addition of preservatives or any other chemicals to produce your pet food. Our products balance perfect levels of animal proteins with rich mix of vegetables and fruits.

At Mama's Pet Food we believe that many health problems that pets develop with the time can be avoided or improved if they start eating home-cooked food without chemical additives.

Everything we cook is made from scratch with lots of love. Tastier and aromatic food that will make your furry ones scrape the plate and ask for more.



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