• Living in Calgary, winter can be harsh. You know what that dry weather does to our skin, but have you ever thought of what it does to our pet's feet ???. Have you felt your pups paws and noticed they are rough and/or cracked??? Well look no further, this all natural balm will do the job of moisturizing and protecting your pet's feet without any unnecessary ingredients or chemicals. You can even use it on yourself .



    • with 2 oz.
    • Ingredients: Beeswax (locally sourced) Shea Butter, Coconut oil Sweet, Vitamin E, Lavender (100% pure essential oil) AND almond oil    OR   Olive oil.

    ALLERGY ALERT: The Paw Balm with almond oil contains nuts. 

    As long as your dog has no nut allergies, almond oil is 100% safe for dogs. Use it on their paws and nose.. It’s even safe to consume, so no worries if you use it on your dog only to find that tongue immediately licking if right off.

    If your dog has nut allergies, the safer option is the Natural Balm with olive oil.