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All for one and one for All

"Success for us is when we see your beloved pets healthily fed and happy with their treats.

Happiness will be when every pet can enjoy the same!"


Our business has been a success and, we own this to you! 

We are so grateful of our achievements and extremely happy that our

Mama's "pet family" is growing.


That's why we will love to give it back to our community in such difficult times. 


Families are facing difficulties so are their dears pets. 

We wanted to help those pets in need! 


Alone we were feeling that we would be able to do so much. 

But with your help we can do something special. 


Starting on June/2020, Mama's Pet Food will support Calgary ALPL PET FOOD Bank Calgary, the shelter or who need help.. 

The campaign will be called "All for One and One for All".

We are continuing to donate  % of all your purchases to the Pet Food Bank in food products from our line. 

Also, even if you don't have pets you can participate. 

We are creating a special package called "Pets in Need".

You just go ahead and proceed as a regular order.

Rest assured that all orders of Donation Gift will be immediately

delivered to the Pet Food Bank, any other charity or family that

 you ask us to deliver too, on your behalf.


Our Partners is with us in this Mission 


30 % of the money we sell will be going to an animal rescue before Christmas.

Adventures in Tugable Toys-


For the month of December, every tug toy we sell, a $5 donation will be made to the Alberta chapter of BC and Alberta Guide Dogs.

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