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by Gislaine Cury

Hello! We are Nikita and Amora! Our mom Maria is an Animal scientist and works as animal behaviorist and dog trainer. She created this page to help more dog lovers to know better about dogs/ animal behaviour, positive training tips, environmental enrichment, dogs nutrition and more! Hope you enjoy it!
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by Maria Pires


Christmas is coming fast!

If you’re looking for some neat dog ideas, please check out my Sunshine Stitchery items. I have doggy sleep sacks, doggy holiday neck wear, snuffle mats, and tote bags for the dog lover. 

by Monica Becher


My name is Kayla Anderson and I am a Calgary based artist. I have a huge passion for animals. They bring so much joy to my life and everyone around them; I like to give back with my drawings.

Sometimes it’s for a lost pet, and sometimes its just a nice gift for the amazing animal lovers out there. I love seeing the joy on clients faces when they receive their artwork. I started drawing when I was very young and have taught myself over the years.

by Kayla Dawn Anderson

Homemade Pet Bed
Homemade Pet Beds at a great price.
18” $20
24” $25
30” $35
36” $41
42” $47
Rectangular beds can be made as well.
4 choices of fabric to choose from.
Anti pill fleece can be washed and dried.

by Donette

Dog Natural Paw & Nose Balm
100% all natural paw & nose balm.
Living in Calgary, winter can be harsh.
You know what that dry weather does to our skin, but have you ever thought of what it does to our pet's feet ???
Have you felt your pups paws and noticed they are rough and/or cracked??? Well look no further, this all natural balm will do the job of moisturizing and protecting your pet's feet without any unnecessary ingredients or chemicals.
You can even use it on yourself.

by Rita